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Public Buildings

Churches, schools and commercial buildings built with wood windows deserve an upgrade for the 21st Century. These buildings were designed with their wood windows which are aesthetically necessary to the overall architectural design. These windows are the eyes of your building, and they require renovation just as do your electrical and plumbing systems.


A Window Story

As I watched from my pew, one of these windows just fell apart as a parishoner tried to open the bottom sash. After examining the other 16 windows in the sanctuary we determined that there was significant dry rot damage to many of the sashes and some of the exterior casings. The stained glass in the 16 windows also needed some repair. The church was under some budget constraints but wanted to retain the beauty of wood windows inside the sanctuary. We proposed to make a one piece sash to accommodate both upper and lower stained glass into one unit. The new windows, although they no longer opened and closed, still matched the interior finish. We also removed all exterior paint, replaced all rotted wood, and painted to match. This church now looks like it did before the window renovation. We brought these church windows into the twenty first century. Contact us and start the dialogue about what to do with your wood windows.

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