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Energy Efficiency and Your Wood Windows

The abundance of inexpensive energy in the 20th century led few of us South Texas consumers to be concerned about energy efficiency -- particularly the thermal efficiency of our windows. Wood is a thermally stable product. If you have wood windows, you already have the most energy efficient material that can be used for thermal stability. Windows lose their thermal efficiency when the spaces between the moving sashes gap with age. The exterior casement boards which seal your home's exterior to your windows can crack or warp leaving large areas open to unwanted thermal exchange. The weight boxes on either side of the windows also invite unwanted thermal exchange. Energy efficiency has become more of a concern in the the 21st century as energy costs have risen, and the cumulative effects of carbon dioxide release from energy production negatively affect our enrvironment. Energy efficiency not only saves you money but contributes to the cleanliness of our atmosphere.

Our Premium Sash Draft Seal System

This system composed of .018 " thick bronze strips pictured below is part of our premium window restoration service. Grooving the sash next to the parting stops and mitering the tongues at the corners provides a continuous seal all around the window. When you slide the lock closed on these windows you can feel the positive seal of a "closed window". Our complete restoration package when combined with one of our glass storm windows can meet or exceed the energy savings of any modern window replacement.


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Our Better Sash Draft Seal System

This 1 1/8" pre bent V shaped weather stripping is made of .009 gauge bronze.These strips are easily installed in your windows with our window tune up as described in the List of Services. These bronze strips not only seal out unwanted air penetration but they also provide a cushion for the smooth operation of your tuned up windows.


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Glass Options

Low Emissivity or Low E glass has an invisible metallic coating applied to the glass to suppress radiative heat flow. Glass with a Low E coating can reflect a significant amount of radiant heat. Replacing your glass with Low E coated glass can make your windows or your storm windows much more thermally efficient. Got broken glass? Thinking about storm windows? Think Low E glass.

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