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Our Mission

Century Wood Windows was formed to preserve and enhance older wood windows. We believe in quality workmanship and the use of innovative techniques. We have the people with these hard to find skills to work on your wood windows. We can be as historically accurate as you would like us to be. We have access to a variety of old growth timber that can be incorporated into your windows.We have an inventory of older complete windows and window parts. We can make new windows or duplicate a sash as necessary.

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How We Paint

We start our painting process by removing most of the old paint from your windows in our shop. We use wet techniques - either water or chemical - to remove the paint. Using innovative epoxy fillers we fill most of the dings and dents in your wood. After removal of the paint, the first sanding and filling prepares the wood for the application of a latex primer. Our first sanding is generally done with 100 grit sandpaper. We prime all six sides of everything we paint. We prime the front and back and all four edges of every piece of wood that comes into our shop. After a full 24 hours drying time we generally use 150 grit sandpaper to smooth out the primer coat and then apply the first latex color coat of your choice. Twenty four hours later we sand again, generally with 220 grit sandpaper, and apply the final latex top coat in the color of your choice. We can also finish your wood with any stain or wash color topped with the lacquer finish of your choice. We can match any stain or color. We can make your wood look beautiful and leave all the dust and drips in our shop.


Boston Building Materials Cooperative This website is a good stop for the do it yourselfer. They also talk about some hot window questions like sash chain versus sash cord. I am a menber of the coop and purchase some of my materials from them.

The Association for Preservation Technology International APT

National Trust For Historic Preservation


How to Save Energy When You Fix Up the Outside of Your Not-So-New House Retrofit Best Practices Guide, January 2004, Oak Ridge National Laboratory This is a 30 page downloadable pdf/. Some good information about storm windows and low e glass as compared to double pane windows.

Creating Windows of Energy-Saving Opportunity Shapiro & James, Home Energy Magazine, Sept-Oct 1997. Removing and replacing your old windows may not be the best idea. View the article on line.

What Replacement Windows Can't Replace The Real Cost of Removing Historic Windows Walter Sedovic & Jill H. Gotthelf, APT Bulletin, The Journal of Preservation Technology, Vol 36, April 2005, pp 25-29. 5 page downloadable pdf.

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