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You may never have experienced your wood windows the way they were meant to operate.

Properly maintained double hung windows should raise and lower with little effort. Your wood windows, like other parts of your home, need maintance and eventually restoration.

Don't Replace Renovate

If your wood windows have missing ropes, loose glass, stuck sashes, rotten wood or are drafty, Century Wood Windows can repair and upgrade your wood windows.

Century Wood Windows can bring your old wood windows into the Twenty First Century.

We have an energy efficiency package that is right for you Our innovative use of modern technology can update your windows to be not only longer lasting but just as energy efficient as new replacement windows.


Why We Love Wood Windows

Double hung sash windows are a timeless design in use for over 300 years. Properly maintained and restored, they could last hundreds of years and be a pleasure rather than a chore to operate. The sashes should lift with little effort. The lock should pull the meeting rails together when it is engaged. The windows are designed to be opened at the top or bottom depending upon the air flow desired. We have renovated windows well over 100 years old. After we take the windows apart, remove the paint, repair and refinish the wood, reglaze the sashes, install one of our sash draft seal systems and put them back together, they are ready for the next hundred years. Our clients have been more than satisfied. Your home probably has windows made by talented craftsman. We have researched and applied that same craftmanship that can bring your windows into the twenty first century.

Why We Don't Like Replacement Windows

Replacement windows, even wooden ones, need their double glazed glass panels replaced. The longest warranty on the double glazed window panels that I know about is twenty years. At the end of their life your replacement windows will have to be replaced again. That's why they call them replacement windows. Your windows, if they are truly energy efficient, should have saved you enough money to replace the double glazed glass when they fog up. If you can't save enough money over the life span of the double glazing to replace them then these windows are really costing you money rather than saving you money. Ask that replacement window salesperson if you can save enough money over the life of the double glazed panels to replace them when they cloud up.

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